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Bid To Built will provide you with the data needed to accurately estimate construction costs and material takeoffs.

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Here at Bid to Built, we have been working hard for the past 20 years to ensure that your next construction project runs as smoothly as possible. We have provided thousands of specialized, professional and accurate estimates for material takeoffs and material lists. Our expert witnesses perform hundreds of estimates and cost validations for takeoffs every year.

We are also proud to be a member of the American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE). You can rest easy knowing that our team, using the latest software and programs, will provide you with a quick and accurate cost estimate for a competitive price.

To receive an accurate cost estimate or material takeoff from our team within 24-48 hours, call us today at 1-888-615-6390.


Construction Estimators, Material Takeoffs

Bid to Built is proud to have been offering reliable cost estimates for material takeoffs in the construction industry for over 20 years. We serve residential construction and general contractors who know what it means to find the right tool for the job, and our team is their go-to tool for estimating the tight budgets involved in concept and pre-construction work. Call us today to get a quote for your project. Our team can provide expert input within 24 hours!

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Material Takeoffs and Quantity Surveys

For a small fee, once we have completed your quantity survey, we will examine your job site and do a complete audit of materials to ensure that all items are present, in the correct quantities and qualities. After looking over the list we will record any discrepancies and return to you a revised material list. That way when you build a new home of the same model, you’ll have a base material takeoff to work from and you will have a material cost list accurate down to the penny.

At Bid to Built, one of our specialties is providing material takeoffs and quantity surveys for all aspects of construction, from labor to materials and digital plans to hard copy blueprints. The vast majority of our work is involves providing estimates for quantity takeoffs, including structural steel, concrete, trim, doors, masonry,  drywall, windows, lumber, and flooring. Our estimators include every material needed for every job, regardless of the size of the construction project, and it’s all provided in an easy to read list which also details items by location. This way, onsite superintendents and subcontractors will know how much of every material is needed and where it needs to go at a glance, lowering the chance of deviations or mistakes.

We can even personalize the format of our construction estimate to match your needs, whether that be by CSI, cost code, or your own preferred format. All estimates are done using Microsoft Excel, meaning they are quick and easy to access, and they can be sent to vendors who can edit them and return them with pricing for you to enter into your internal estimating system.


Estimating Services Overview

Here at Bid to Built, we bring in the top experts to offer you material takeoffs and detailed construction estimates for both building owners and building professionals alike. Our estimators are certified and have years of experience providing estimates for all types of construction jobs, whether you’re talking about commercial, residential, or civil projects.

If you are a contractor starting out with estimation programs, we also offer computer consulting services to get you off on the right foot. We are members of ASPE, and our team is made up of registered experts with a wealth of experience with a wide variety of construction estimating applications and software. They also can serve as registered expert witnesses for contractors caught up in litigation.

Project Cost Management

Using the owner’s project design, we can provide a series of “milestone” estimates for each stage of the project so that you can be sure your project is proceeding on time and on budget.


Estimating Software Consulting

In our fast-paced world, sometimes you don’t need a full-time estimator on staff. This is especially true when you have a lull in construction projects. That is why Bid to Built are happy to provide one of our highly qualified estimators on contract to work in your office, working on an as-needed basis, and providing the services of a full-time estimator for the duration of your project, when you have a growing backlog of jobs, or even when your in-house estimator is away on leave or vacation. While contracted to you, our estimator can help with all steps in the bidding process and act as a member of your staff would.

Our estimators are proficient in Quest Residential Estimator, IHMS Mark Systems, and Planswift, three of the most prominent estimating systems used by contractors.

Field Audits

If you are a local track builder working with standard floor plans and options, our field audits are designed for you. After all items are delivered onsite, our project estimator will come in person to ensure that all items were delivered and in the correct quantities. We can even order materials for you, if necessary. Any adjustments to the takeoff on the audit will be made once the site has passed inspection and all field work is complete.


Quick Turnarounds

Bid to Built are proud to say that we provide the fastest turnarounds on projects for construction companies and material takeoffs like yours. When dealing with multiple projects at once, this is especially vital. If you have been struggling to get multiple bids in on time, we can help you make your bid quickly and accurately, with all the professionalism you expect in the bidding process. Just like in construction itself, no one wants costly mistakes or a rushed job. That’s why we provide only the best!

Conceptual Estimates

If you have a conceptual outline and an initial list of specifications, Bid to Built can also provide a conceptual estimate of the job down to the square foot. We do so by using the cost data of past buildings from similar projects; this data is based on actual construction projects, not theoreticals. Our vast database of past material estimates as well as public building records comes from across the country and can be customized to suit the area in which your project is being constructed. The conceptual estimate is provided in CSI format.



  • A quick 24- to 36-hour turnaround means that you can get more bids in on time
  • Our expert staff is always ready to help in building and construction cost estimates, as well as engineering and material takeoffs.
  • We provide our construction estimates and quantity surveys using programs like Excel that are commonly used by a wide range of companies and sub-contractors to manage estimates, as well as other software common in the industry. If it’s an industry standard, we probably use it.
  • Our expert staff is up-to-date on all the newest computer programing and estimating software.
  • We can help you with your own computer software’s setup and daily usage, saving you money on expensive estimating software installation and support.
  • We are members of the American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE).

To find out more about how Bild to Built can help your construction project be as successful as it can be, from sitework estimates to budgeting, takeoffs, expert witness representation and more, contact us at 1-888-615-6390. We are proud to offer our services nationwide.

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