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Cost Validation

Cost validations are an important part of the construction process for validating increased values for building materials and labor costs. While these things may be beyond your control, our expert staff and software program can help reduce your liability and justify those expenses.

Call 1-888-615-6390 for a cost validation using the latest in takeoff and estimating software.

Estimates can vary from contractor to contractor and when accidents happen a cost validation is the best way to ensure that your information is as accurate as possible to reduce liability. Bid to Built is proud to be among an elite group of consultants who have access to, and the expertise in, estimating software capable of creating affective cost validations.

If the changes to the project are too great and are causing damage to the accuracy of your original estimates, the original plans and documents may need to be looked over and re-estimated to see what may be causing the budget and pricing overruns.

With our original estimate and cost validation system, you can rest easy knowing that you can avoid any budget and pricing overruns. We also provide an audit trail going back to the beginning of the project so that if you need mediation or litigation, we can help provide testimony for validating costs.

We know that when it comes to completing projects, contractors don’t always have the time and resources to make their own cost validation. The Bid to Built team is more than capable of taking on the job of constructing your cost validation using our years of experience and time-tested methods.

Our vast database of past projects and state-of-the-art resources includes:

  • Design Cost Data Magazine, which offers a base for preliminary and conceptual estimating of models
  • D4COST Building, a program which uses past construction data for conceptual estimations
  • Planswift 9, the most widely used takeoff software on the market
  • RS Means Cost Works, one of the latest estimating software programs which can calculate everything from material numbers to construction timelines
  • And many more!

Our careful attention to detail and accuracy is what makes our cost validation the best in the industry. Our expert staff is always up-to-date on the latest software programs and styles so you don’t have to be. No need to expend time and resources training your staff when Bid to Built can handle the heavy lifting for you.

Just send us your project in any format, including a CAD file, 3D Autodesk Drawing, or old fashioned pen and paper, and we can estimate an accurate picture of labor and material costs that you can count on.

No need to waste time and money getting your own software programs and databases when you can take advantage of our professional and expert team right away. This way you can spend all of your time and money getting your projects together without the unnecessary risks, focusing on what you do best. No having to learn as you go, no creating new departments and making new hires. We offer turnkey services so you know you’re being taken care of. You can trust our expertise to work for you and guarantee your success on your next big project while you do what you do best: run your business.

Bid to Built is proud to be your cost validation experts. To find out more about how Bid to Built can help your construction project be as successful as it can be, from sitework estimates to budgeting, takeoffs, expert witness representation and more, contact us at 1-888-615-6390. We are proud to serve all 50 states!