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Project Cost Management

Project cost management can be one of the most important parts of your construction project as it allows you to keep up to date on the cost statistics over the course of the entire project. This data helps you make sound budgeting decisions and ensure your project remains within budget without major cost overruns. Making sure you have this information quickly and accurately is one of our highest priorities. Call today at 1-888-615-6390 and benefit from our customer service promise.

The Future

Here at Bid to Built, our project cost management services are second to none. We gear everything to your specific project in order to ensure that the final price matches exactly with the estimated total and expectation of the owner or contractor. Using a highly specialized design model and our years of experience, we construct an accurate and detailed project cost management estimate designed specifically for you.

During each phase of the project, a new cost report is created to ensure that there is tight control over both labor and materials. When discrepancies do arise, they are checked with the initial estimates and passed on to the owner or contractor so that all parties are aware and can work things out quickly. With our project cost management service, the road to the project completion is just that much smoother.

Lifecycle Costs

Project cost management requires a consistent monitoring of the project and building process. We can help with the most effective means of doing so.

Once the initial estimates are completed, preparing a schedule for costs and values becomes the next major step. All possible costs are taken into account such as architectural design, material costs, land acquisition, and labor costs.

These costs can be reviewed as infrequently or as frequently as needed, depending on your specific project. This flexible review schedule means all changes are accounted for over the lifecycle of the project.

Our track record speaks for itself. We have years of experience performing site inspections to look at things such as quality control and punch-out, as well as creating detailed report like payment requests. Let us help you keep track of these important milestones and clear the path to a successful project that is completed on time and on budget. From approving lien waives to overseeing quality controls, creating detailed project reports, on-site inspections and more, Bid to Built can ensure your construction project goes smoothly and stays within budget.

To find out more about how Bid to Built can help your construction project be as successful as it can be, from estimates to budgeting, takeoffs, expert witness representation and more, contact us at 1-888-615-6390. We are proud to serve all 50 states of the United States.