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BIM Estimate

Building Information Model (BIM) is the most valuable and versatile tool for a wide range of tasks, including ensuring accurate estimates for your project, dealing with unexpected changes in a project , and sharing information and plans about a construction project in a way that is easy to understand and easily accessible.

The BIM model, a multidimensional building model commonly used by architects, allows estimators to quickly and accurately measure square footage and linear square footage of any structure with just a few clicks. Using that data, you can then create a list of materials that you will need for the project for pricing. A past project’s data can even be used to fill in missing information or uncertain sections of the project plan. In the event that something needs to be changed, BIM allows for a quick way to access any changes that need to be made, or have been made, by anyone with access. This ensures all involves parties are on the same page at all times.

Using BIM estimates allows the planning process for your construction project to be deeper in scope than your standard blueprint and paperwork. By taking advantage of BIM’s state-of-the-art technology you can improve the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity on any project, ensuring you have accurate estimates, precise data, and bids you can rely on. This is just another way that Bid to Built is here for you.

You don’t want uncertainty when launching into an expensive building project. That’s when you turn to BIM when planning out your next big project. The system uses a revolutionary 3D computer model that takes into account time and cost when estimating the material requirements of building, providing you with a complete, accurate, and transparent planning tool agile enough to bend to your unique needs. BIM can:

  • Provide project material Costs
  • Adapt to last minute changes
  • Keep everyone working on your project on the same page

Using a BIM can help save you from costly mistakes and unforeseen setbacks on a construction project. You can even simulate unforeseen changes and events so as to prepare a more comprehensive estimate that takes into account all factors.

BIM gives you the confidence of knowing that all the information you need is as accurate and accessible as possible. We can take the BIM provided by your architect to measure every square foot or linear square foot of any structure with only a few simple clicks, saving you costly mistakes. Doing so means that you get the exact quantity of every material you need for a takeoff, ensuring that your projects are profitable and you avoid many potentially unforeseen losses.

Projects undergo change all the time and using a BIM helps you keep track of the true cost planning throughout the entire process. As new information is added, the cost is altered to accurately reflect the situation. More new data helps evolve the project naturally as it continues through, and past, the planning stage. This means your business partners or other interested parties can be notified immediately when major changes occur that could change the scope and cost of a project.

Having a BIM estimate allows you to compare the 3D model and the project schedule down to the tinniest detail. Individual sections and items can be highlighted, ensuring that all interested parties can immediately examine what changes might affect cost moving forward. Informed decisions based on this data are the foundation for any project’s success. The best friend of any designer and owner who are looking to keep their project under control is a BIM.

While the BIM estimate might be a clear upgrade from the old days of colored pencils and manual counts and laborious inventory, the job of an estimator hasn’t gotten any easier. Along with keeping track of material quantities and costs associated with labor, he has to ensure that communication of this information is communicated smoothly from start to finish on a project. The BIM provided by you and your architect helps us keep an eye out for errors that could cost you. With our expert estimators on overwatch, you can rest easy knowing that the original plans are followed without deviation or mistake. This can prove to be a great protector against unexpected loss.

Using software like Quest Estimator and Planswift, we can help bring the BIM to its full potential. With years of experience utilizing the ever-changing technology, we have a leg up on our competitors who have yet to catch up with the advances being made to these software packages. Take advantage of our database of hundreds of projects in both residential and commercial construction, data that can help you ensure that you get the most out of your project! We can’t wait to be of service!

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