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Building Estimates

Building Estimates Overview

When looking to assess the feasibility of a project, a building estimate overview can help determine what direction you want to take. This is especially helpful when looking for investors in your next big project who are looking for clarification of project goals and costs. You can rest easy when knowing that your estimate overview was handled by expert estimators using the preliminary plans you drafted. The three basic parts that go into making our building estimate overviews so accurate are the information you provide us, advanced software designed to manage a tremendous amount of data, and the expert experience of our staff.

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The information you provide goes a long way in making sure that your building estimate overview is as accurate as possible, including the plans you draw up from the earliest stages of concept to the final construction.

We accept all formats including paper, CAD and BIM (Building Information Model). After that, one of our expert estimators takes the information you provide and creates a budget using estimating software created especially for use in the construction industry. This cutting edge software takes into account things such as square footage, material lists and labor costs to provide you with a highly detailed and highly accurate estimate.

Software we support includes:

  • Planswift 9.0
  • RS Means Cost Works
  • Xactimate
  • Quest Estimating

The Role of the Estimator

Even with advances in estimating software, nothing can fully replace the eyes of an experienced expert. It is the job of our expert estimators to use the software to its greatest potential and then to use their experience to look out for any possible mistakes that may appear in the data. The goal, after all, is to give you the most accurate estimate possible.

Our expert estimators have the knowledge and skill to guide you through every step of the process. That experience is what guarantees that all the holes left in the initial project proposals are filled so you can move from conception to completion without worry.

Who Needs A Building Estimate Overview?

Any and all construction projects can benefit from a building estimate overview, including:

  • Residential (Custom, townhome, apartment, high rise)
  • Commercial (Hotels, offices, banks, parking garages)
  • Retail (Malls, fast food, restaurant, warehouse, big box, Mom-n-Pop)
  • Medical (hospitals, clinics, assisted living, nursing, labs)
  • Public (schools, prisons, rehab, government)

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