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Conceptual Estimate

When looking for a cost evaluation that can be used to test the feasibility of your next project, as well as acquire funding, a conceptual estimate is your best friend. That’s why we are proud to provide conceptual estimates at the beginning of project planning so you know the best route moving forward.

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A conceptual estimate is the best place to start when designing and building a project, especially when you may not yet have all the information you need. Our expert estimators can help fill in the gaps to create an accurate as possible estimate for your project’s start.

Using 3D BIM designs we create using the data you provide, you can easily look at, as well as share, the feasibility of all aspects of the proposal, that way you and your investors can make informed decisions about every project you tackle.

Is your data incomplete? Not to worry. We are proud to say that with our many years of experience, we can handle missing information or indefinite information with ease when creating your next estimate, based on data that helps us accurately estimate costs typically associated projects similar to yours.

The conceptual software that we specialize in can take all the information you send us and create an easy to read Excel document that can be used for budgeting, shared with partners and investors, and sent to sources for pricing. Upon completion of your overall estimate, you can begin evaluating the feasibility of your proposed project. That way, when you need to make important decisions moving forward, you can do so with confidence and the assurance that you have all parts of the project planned out, including questions such as:

  • Will the project be financially feasible and within budget?
  • Will the costs over the lifetime of the building outweigh the initial costs of construction?
  • Can costs be trimmed to ensure efficiency?
  • Is there room for unexpected developments and changes to the initial plan?

For example, if you know what the square footage of the building, the materials needed, and utility costs, but not the fire or security systems, we can use our vast archive of data from past projects to estimate the cost by comparing your project to one involving similar sized and styled buildings. No need to do extra work on your own when you can lean on past tested information.

A conceptual estimate may also help you plan out and keep to the timeline set forth during the conceptual phase of planning. If you want to check whether or not a new idea is feasible to add to your proposed project, you can with the assurance that the cost estimate will be accurate because of past design data.

You can trust our years of experience as expert estimators and our use of expert tools to ensure you are up-to-date on the overall picture when it comes to your next project. From material to labor and market changes, you can rest easy with the knowledge that the best are employed on your project.

Our years of experience speak for themselves. From quick to long jobs, fully planned to just conceptual ideas, and everything in-between, we’ve seen it all and done it all. All with quick and accurate estimates in a professional manner.

Call today at 1-888-615-6390 so we can help show you how to get the most accurate information and estimate.

Bid to Built is proud to be your conceptual estimating experts throughout the United States. Bid to Built is proud to be you conceptual estimate experts!