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House Build Cost Estimate

When building a house, you want the most professional and accurate estimates possible so that your clients are happy with their new home. With just a simple phone call you can guarantee an estimate that will save you valuable time, money, and materials.

For an estimate on building a house you can trust, call us today at 1-888-615-6390.

Our team of expert estimators are ready to help you with your next home construction project. Using the latest software and technology in the construction industry, we can take your plans and create a detailed list of materials and costs for your project within 24 to 36 hours in a format that works for you and your architect, whether that be CD, flash drive, or good old fashioned pen and paper. This way you can be kept up-to-date on any last minute changes to the plan and schedule.

A material takeoff of costs related to goods, tools, hardware and materials is always the best place to start when estimating the cost of building a house. It provides a fast and accurate layout that you can simply point and click your way through using the linear and square footage. Using this software and data to its fullest potential takes experience, however, and that’s why our team is the best when it comes to the programs handling takeoffs of materials.

When looking to buy and operate the latest estimating software, it can seem like more trouble than it is worth. That’s why we handle the specialized tasks for you. That way you don’t have to worry about hiring another professional, devoting a lot of time to training staff, or splitting your attention between the field and office. Or expert estimators will take care of the technical side and create a custom estimate just for you.

Our experts rely on programs such as IMHS and Planswift for the majority of projects. We also work with Quest Estimating, RS Means Cost Works, Timberline, and Xactimate.

Once you’ve made your request for an estimate, we separate the costs into materials and labor using an easy to read Excel format. We break it down further into area specific categories such as lumber, concrete, HVAC, sheetrock, electrical, plumbing, siding, roofing, windows, and doors. This way you know every detail about each material as well as the installation point and time.

We ensure the most accurate cost estimate thanks to our vast library of databases and software which include everything from materials to the labor used in past projects. Regardless of if you are using a CAD formatted plan or a 3-4-5 BIM, our vast archive of data can help ensure your project is planned to perfection, assisting you with budgeting and keeping the project within planned costs.

Instead of taking up valuable time and money, let us help with your takeoffs. Our expert estimators are ready and waiting with the latest software programs and years of experience. If you ever have any questions, we would be more than happy to provide support and guidance in the event of any changes.

Call today at 1-888-615-6390 so we can help show you how to get the most accurate information and estimate.

Bid to Built is proud to be your housing building estimate experts throughout the United States. Bid to Built is proud to be you house build cost estimate experts!