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Preliminary Estimate

During the early designing phase of your construction project, a preliminary estimate provides you with an outlined cost of your project that can be used to help when it comes time to sit down and make a physical plan. Our expert estimators and advanced estimating software can help make your next bid as accurate and attractive as possible, giving you a better chance to win the bid and land the contract.

Begin your project with the peace of mind that comes with knowing all the costs, materials and more are outlined in detail: call us today for a preliminary estimate at 1-888-615-6390.

A detailed preliminary estimate that you can see even before your detailed plans are drawn up is an important asset when approaching a client with your bid. This way, both you and your client can be confident in the knowledge that the initial design is feasible for all parties involved. Our years of experience means that your preliminary estimate is as accurate as it can be, and it’s all based on the information you provide and our database of past projects.

Using an industry standard Business Information Model(BIM), we take into account every factor of the preconstruction phase with an easy to understand measurement system that creates a list of materials and prices based on similar projects, the square footage for each section, square footage for the overall project, other projects from our database (when applicable), and the linear footage of the structures.

Even as changes are made, the BIM can be updated so that all interested parties are up-to-date on the project as is progresses. The list of materials and costs can then be made into an Excel document, which can be used for planning, shared with partners, and sent out for pricing. Once those prices return, they are added to the BIM and estimate to ensure an even greater level of accuracy.

Creating a preliminary estimate will offer benefits that include:

  • Understanding of probable costs by investors
  • Improve your chances of getting a financial commitment from investors
  • Greater Budget control
  • Keeping architects and engineers aware of their parts in the overall project design

Information included in the preliminary report includes:

  • The estimate date
  • Expected date of tender
  • The drawing and specifications
  • Variations that may occur between estimates and actual cost

Keep in mind that the more information and data we can add the fewer variations and changes there will be.

Our preliminary estimates are made using not just the specifications you provide us, it is also supplemented by data from past projects that our expert team has handled. You can rest easy knowing that all factors that go into any project are accounted for and considered when creating your preliminary estimate. Everything from the method of construction to the geography of the project is used in our estimates. Whether it be a single house construction or a multi-floor office, we always start with the square footage of the project as the base for our estimates. This creates a strong base for the rest of the estimating process.

But software can only do so much, especially if it’s not in the hands of experienced experts. There is no substitute for a team of experts and the most advanced tools in the industry when it comes to planning and estimating a project. You and your clients can rest easy with our professional and accurate estimates, generated with state-of-the-art tools designed especially for this industry. Let Bid to Built help make your next project a success!

Call today at 1-888-615-6390 so we can help show you how to get the most accurate information and estimate.

Bid to Built is proud to be your preliminary estimating experts!